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I’ve worn many hats when it comes to produce films and video. The following are films I’ve either produced and/or directed, operated the camera (with the exception of the Seuss bio), edited, and written.

Moccasin Stories

My last major filmmaking effort was perhaps my most rewarding. Moccasin Stories is a short documentary chronicling the impact Moccasins have and had on Indigenous people in Manitoba. I produced this film with MTS’ Stories From Home program and collaborated with director Charlene Moore on the project.
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This is my most recent effort, which was more of a spur-of-the-moment endeavour featuring the talented Mister K and his wife Avery.
My task was easy — capture the duo performing an acoustic version of song that couldn’t be more perfect for the times we’re living in.
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Biography of Dr. Seuss

Oddly enough, my most successful online film isn’t one that was featured in film festivals, it was one I put together for a Children’s Literature course. After getting some great feedback from my professor and peers, I decided to publish the piece online.
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A Good Indian

This film was my first to tour film festivals, picking up a few best short film nods along the way. I was young, and I wanted to illustrate the discomfort I (and likely others) feel being Indigenous but… well… being visibly white.

Why We Play

Why We Play, another co-production the MTS’ Stories From Home, looks at a few interesting stories from the largest touch football league in Canada.
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