Andrew George

Andrew George — Educator, Content Creator

Hi there,
I’m guessing you landed here after reading one of my Medium articles, watching a video I produced on YouTube, or after curiously scrolling through one of my social media profiles.
Long story short, in my first career I made videos and other media content, including short films.
Now, I teach high school students and occasionally dabble in videos, writing, and even a bit of music. I’m planning on releasing resources I use in my classroom for students and interested teachers to access online, for free. I design my courses to focus on tech and the information age which translates to sci-fi for my English Language Arts students, along with lessons in “personal” programming, persuasion, privacy, and free speech for my Ethics students. On top of that, I’m looking to publish tutorials and resources for video creation and writing.
But for now, this site is a work in progress.
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I publish articles on Medium now and then.
I’m on Twitter often, and post occasionally.
You can check out some of my films on YouTube as well.
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