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About Me

I’m eclectic. My constant pursuit of learning more about the world has led me to dabble and pursue certain avenues of the arts and academics.

The classroom has become my biggest source of inspiration. It provides an optimal opportunity to understand individuals, to get a sense of community, and to get a read on what the future might bring. To that end, I’m constantly wondering about how communities develop cultures, how we learn, and where we’re going as a society.

A teaching degree consists of studies in sociology, psychology, philosophy, management structures, and technology — not to mention the disciplines in which one is required to teach. It should come as no surprise then that my writings and creations are eclectic.

Nothing fascinates me more than the human mind, the artistic intuitions it produces, and the empirical nature in which it operates. Thus, one might struggle to find a common theme amongst my work, unless they keep the above in mind.

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