Why We Play — Documentary coming in 2016!

Touch Football Documentary in Production

Why We Play follows a group of 3 touch football players during the summer season of touch football. You’re probably giggling at the notion of touch football at this point, however, unknown to many Winnipeg actually has the biggest touch football league in Canada (referred to as The PIT Football League). It’s also made up of a diverse set of players. Unlike the other elite leagues in Canada, who’s rosters are made up mainly of CIS and former professional athletes, in Winnipeg athletes range through all experience levels, ages, and genders. A few year’s back The Avengers showed Canada what touch football in Winnipeg looks like, capturing the National Championship crowd.

But this isn’t a football movie—it’s a movie about life. It’s a movie about what motivates us to play. Playing any sport requires a sacrifice of time, and a dedication to your body. It’s often reserved for the young, who ultimately give up the daily grind of athletic competition after high school. It’s about what sport means to individuals, to friends, to a community. It’s about why we play’.

To get a better idea of the PIT Football League, check out this video which was used during the crowdfunding campaign in 2014.


If you remember, I tried raising funds for a short documentary that went under the title Why We Play back in the summer of 2014. The crowdfunding campaign was as much an experiment into the fundraising tactic as it was an actual means to fund the film. Ultimately, the campaign fell short, however, my efforts to get the film made did not.

I was able to get the attention of MTS. For those of you not in the province of Manitoba, MTS is a telecommunications company that also offers cable. They also have a program called Stories From Home, which funds local documentaries which are in turn broadcast on the company’s video-on-demand service.

We’re currently in production on the project, so expect to see more updates and stories emerge from the league as we prepare for the film’s release in 2016.