Quick Bio

I’ve been involved in Digital Media Production for my entire professional career. While I still write and produce my own film projects, my primary focus has been starting a career in education. Currently I’m study in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba.

In 2016 I produced the documentary Moccasin Stories, which examines the perserverance of Aboriginal Culture through Aboriginal women in Manitoba. I also designed and instructed a Digital Storytelling Camp at St. Francis School in Fort Frances, Ontario. The camp taught students grade 5-6 basic principles of filmmaking, photography, and blogging using both iPads and professional equipment. The camp was centered on the 7 Teachings (also known as the 7 Grandfather Teachings, or the 7 Sacred Teachings) and focused on being positive digital citizens.

WIth my experience in both digital media and Aboriginal topics, I hope to combine my knowledge to facilitate a classroom community that is able to include Aboriginal perspectives through curriculum and coursework. I have also mentored Aboriginal youth in the art of filmmaking and plan to continue to do so during my career in education. I believe digital media provides a ripe opportunity for students to express themselves in an interactive and engaging fashion while at the same time giving them the tools and developing skills necessary for employment after their studies.