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I use this space to write about topics that interest me and to show off some of my film and video productions. Check out my blog to see what’s new, or my portfolio to peruse my work. If you’re interested in collaboration, or you’re looking for help with your media project, send me a message.

Multiple Projects in the Works

Last summer I announced that I was starting a crowdfunding campaign for a recreational sports documentary titled Why We Play. I didn’t raise the funds, however, I also didn’t give up on the project. Recently I’ve entered into an agreement with MTS and their Stories From Home program, and we plan to have the documentary ready for the viewing public in 2016!

Also, I started working with some people back in my home town on a promotional project last last year. I didn’t announce anything, however, I started gathering some footage and putting concepts together. I can’t provide too many details as of now, however, I can tell you that some fantastic videos are being put together for the town’s new Boundless re-branding project.

I’ve been busy writing and connecting with other writers. I want to get back to doing a narrative short film – frankly, it’s been too long! I’ll keep you posted, but hopefully we go into production on another project this fall.

Professionally Speaking…

Filmmaker, Writer, Entrepreneur, Media Consultant. I’ve been fortunate enough to wear a few hats in my professional career. I started my journey into the arts and media by producing and directing a short coming of age film entitled The Show under the company known as All Good Projects. Shot with borrowed gear with the help of a group of friends, I premiered the film in my hometown. The exercise and effort garnered enough recognition for myself to secure freelance work within the media community within the next year. I found myself securing contracts with the local newspaper producing videos, the local cable channel, the radio station in regards to recording local artists, as well local organizations and businesses looking to promote their companies and programs.

Future filmmaking endeavours included another self-production entitled A Good Indian, a dramatic 8 minute film which examined self-identifying as a First Nation person in a complicated situation. The film earned awards at various film festivals, and was featured in several articles as well as on MTV news.

andrew joe george, andrewjoegeorge
On set of “A Good Indian”

First Nation and Aboriginal issues became a major focus of much of my work. I became interested in several land claims surrounding my hometown of Fort Frances, Ontario, and held public forums on the subject. Being a non-Status Indian was a subject that I explored in several of my projects, and the attention received by these projects opened up doors to work with First Nation organizations and on political projects.

There eventually came a time where I felt I needed to find new challenges and a new start in the media world and I decided to move to Winnipeg, Manitoba. After a year of study at the University of Manitoba I decided to put my academic future on hold in order to take on the opportunity of fulfilling the role of Creative Director for Bizview Media. My duties at Bizview were quite similar to what I experienced as I freelancer in terms of working with corporate clients. However, as a member of the management team I also devoted much of my time to corporate operations of the company and gained experience in the nuances in running a small business. I valued my time at Bizview but felt that I would ultimately hit a peak professionally not unlike what I hit during my time in Fort Frances.  I decided to get back to working on my own projects and on a new career path.  I began devoting more time to the arts, larger scale films, and collaborating with others in Winnipeg.

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