Hi there,

Andrew George A Good Indian

On the set of “A Good Indian”

Life’s definitely a ride! I’ve been fortunate enough to have enough experiences to warrant a website that shows off some of my work.

I’m a filmmaker. Started off way back in 2006 with a mockumentary titled The Show: Loser Pissed, and the roller coaster began. Since, I’ve done everything from another short (which did well on the Film Fest circuit) along with some work in journalism, corporate work, before trying my hand for a short time as Creative Director with a marketing firm. Since then I dabbled in blogging, took some pictures, did some acting, and now plan on making more films.

I’m working out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I’m always open to speaking with companies, organizations, and individuals looking to pursue a video project of their own.

I encourage you to check out my portfolio, peruse my blog, and/or drop me a line.

View my Demo Reel

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