Nightflyers, This Will Make You Smarter, Joe Biden, Pinterest, and Orphan Black

Yes, I realize the world is consuming Game of Thrones right now, but I’m a season behind and my wife insists we finish Orphan Black before we move on to Game of Thrones. And to be honest, I’ve been pushing to binge season 2 of O.A., so that’s likely coming next.

This week in what I’m reading, Watching, and Thinking about.


I mentioned Game of Thrones because Nightflyers is actually based on George R.R. Martin’s 1980 novella of the same name. I’m an episode in and already feeling the 2001 Space Odyssey vibe. Its first episode won’t blow you away, however, it will leave you somewhat curious. I’ve also read that it was cancelled by SyFy, however, I’m also under the impression that the first season can be taken in satisfactorily as a stand alone.

I’m a few episodes in, and I’m hooked at the show’s look into humanity, which I believe will ultimately lead the viewer to wonder why and if we’re worth saving. I’m hooked, in the geeky way. The production value is adequate — something that often lacks with some sci-fi — and the characters are interesting and diverse enough to care.

Orphan Black

This show is insane. It was recommended to me years ago, however, I rediscovered it while perusing CraveTV (an online streaming service in Canada).

The show follows clones learning about themselves, their “sisters”, and their creators. Tatiana Maslany, the show’s lead, is incredible playing multiple characters throughout the seasons. The acting feat is so impressive it’s difficult to believe she’s not a household name.

Every episode feels like a season finale. My only critique is that it can feel exhausting, however, it was created in Canada at a time where binge watching wasn’t the norm. 


Pinterest had an impressive first month after their IPO. Major apps and social media companies seem to rarely do well in their early days, or so that’s my impression. Twitter struggled until the Trump era, Lyft is currently struggling, and Snapchat just can’t grow. Will Pinterest be the different?

Joe Biden…

Announced his bid for President today. However, I’m often saddened to hear that Joe is a lot more conservative than progressive. However, perhaps that’s what the Democrats need in order to unseat Trump. I just worry that they’ll fall prey to the same mindset as they did during the Sanders and Clinton battle, opting for the experienced moderate candidate over the liberal. I should mention, I’m Canadian, however, the presidency affects the world — especially its closest neighbours.

This Will Make You Smarter

This comes from If you’re not familiar with edge, their mission statement explains best.

“To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.”

The book features short essays from famous thinkers around the globe, from Steven Pinker to Jaron Lanier. It was published in 2011, yet I’m finding the topics are timeless. It’s actually quite interesting how relevant they still are given we’ve burned through are technology adolescence over the last decade.

The topics are too diverse to delve into this short post, however, expect science, data, philosophy, and consciousness to be subjects that consistently reveal themselves throughout the book. I actually downloaded the audiobook from Scribd and listen to it often in my 20 minute drive to and from work.

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