I recommend…


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind • by Yuval Noah Harari — This book gave me a sense of hope for humanity, along with an understanding and appreciation of it.

Enlightenment Now • by Steven Pinker — You can’t quite place Pinker as optimistic, however, his book does put the reader in a position to view the troubles our civilization faces with a sense of clarity, and perhaps, hope.

Apps and Services

Scribd — Countless books and audiobooks at an affordable subscription price. I recommend this service to everyone. You’re not going to get new bestsellers, but you will get a fully functioning library around the same cost as Netflix. However, I think this service will make you smarter.

OneNote by Microsoft — Interestingly enough, the subject of note taking is one of my most successful topics to blog about. I’ll let this post do the talking…

The Rocketbook — I should start selling these (disclaimer… I don’t). There are few meetings or professional development meetings where someone doesn’t ask about my Rocketbook reusable notebook, which allows you to blast your pages to the cloud quite conveniently.