What I’ve written, produced, or contributed to as a writer, educator, and filmmaker.

check back often… I’m in the process of adding to this.

Items I’ve Written…

If We Normalize Smartphone Use as Educators, We Owe Future Generations an Apology — featured in Student Voices

Why I wish the iPad beat the Chromebook in the Classroom — featured in Predict

I left Apple Notes for Google Keep, and Came Crawling Back — Curated by Medium.com under Productivity, this tongue and cheek look at online note taking pits Apple vs. Google.

Teacher and Student Resources — Cheat Sheets

Edgar Allan Poe Cheat Sheet


Moccasin Stories — This documentary focuses on the following: Why are Moccasins culturally significant to Indigenous People? This film is intended both for the world of education and those seeking to learn more about Indigenous and First Nation culture.