Why We Play — The Documentary


Why We Play — 19 minutes — Documentary (2016)


A 77 year old runs past 20 year olds. Husbands and wives combine their skills on the gridiron to compete at a high level. A statistics professor battles his way through national and provincial championships. The stories from the touch football game in Winnipeg demonstrates the passion of adults across the city looking to compete and play sports along with the benefits of doing so in adulthood.

Director’s Statement

Sports are generally reserved for youth. It teaches them discipline, to socialize with others, the importance of teamwork, and so on. However, when we hit adulthood many of us stop playing. I made the film in order to celebrate those who continue to play and to encourage those who don’t.

Why We Play Stories From HomeThe making of this film would not have been possible without the support of MTS’ Stories From Home program.

I would also like to thank the organizers and players in the PIT Football League for their cooperation with the film.


For a little bit more information as to my motivation for making this film, click to check out the following blog post.