The Boundless Campaign

Boundless Video Campaign

In 2014 I was presented with the opportunity to create 3 videos for the Town of Fort Frances’ Boundless rebranding effort. The video have been used in various social media campaigns along with digital media kits and presentations that are designed to promote the municipality.

The Monster Bass

This video was a lot of fun. The cast was drawn from those who participate in community and school theatre. An amazing job all around. The video is meant to illustrate the lighter side of the town’s humour, and perhaps, the dark side of Fort Frances.

The film has been viewed over 35 000 times on Facebook.


The title video gives a sneak peek for those interested in living or visiting Fort Frances. Water, sunsets, great people, and beautiful scenery during all 4 seasons are just some of the characteristics of the community.

Chopping Wood

There’s no doubt Fort Frances has had its ups and downs, as is the case for many resource based Canadian towns. But the blue collar spirit of its people allows it to forge ahead. As the old saying goes, they just keep on chopping wood.