Educational and Creative Portfolio for Andrew George

I teach High School English at Steinbach Regional Secondary School (otherwise known as SRSS). Previously, I spent nearly a decade creating things: news clips, corporate videos, films, websites, summer camps, and companies. I have a degree in English with a minor in Theatre/Drama, along with experience producing award winning short films and documentaries for broadcast.


Aboriginal Topics and Issues

As a non-status Indian, I’ve been highly involved in both political and educational projects within Treaties 1, 2, and 3. I produced and directed A Good Indian, a short narrative that has been included in the Manitoba Curriculum guide Finding Focus: Framing Canadian Métis and First Nations on Film. I’ve also mentored Aboriginal Youth in the art of filmmaking, along with designing and teaching a Digital Storytelling Camp for Aboriginal students in grade 5 and 6. Given my experience, I’ve been invited to present on integrating Indigenous Perspectives into the classroom at various schools. Recently I produced the film Moccasin Stories which touches on the cultural significance of moccasins. 


I’ve made a living producing hundreds of videos. I started out as a young entrepreneur in Northwest Ontario working in journalism and the corporate environment to a producer in Winnipeg, Manitoba creating documentaries.


Tech can mean a lot of things. My experience has come with audio and video production production equipment along with experience as a Creative Director for a software marketing company.  On top of that, I’m a huge geek. I’m big on trying new apps, utilizing Google Classroom to the fullest, and even blog about gadgets every now and then.


I’m also a football coach, with stints in with Fort Frances High School, Maples Collegiate, and St. John’s High School. I currently coach at SRSS. The promotion of athletics and sport is something I’m continually engaged in. I not only encourage it as an option in high school, but I try to exemplify and promote the value of continuing sports as an adult.