Article regarding EEG Headsets and their use in the classroom published in Jumpstart Magazine.

I recently wrote an article about emerging educational technology that’s currently being piloted in China — EEG headsets that measure a student’s mindfulness and engagement levels in class. 

For anyone that’s been in my classroom, or even a classmate of mine back in university, you’ve probably heard me speak of this technology and/or saw a demonstration of my own EEG headset. Until recently the technology wasn’t being marketed to the field of education, but, as you can see from the below video, the company Brainco is engaged in such an endeavour. 

As this technology matures we’ll see a paradigm shift in education. I don’t believe that Brainco’s current modelling of this software hardware program will resemble its application within the next decade, which is what I explain in Jumpstart magazine, a tech magazine based in Hong Kong.  If you’d like a digital non-magazine copy of the article (which Jumpstart will eventually publish to their website) message me, and I’ll send over a document.

I truly believe teaching will (and should) look completely different by the end of my career. Here’s my take on what education will look like by the year 2040, which I recently published on Medium.